How Do I Go About Booking A House With English Homes Group?

Tenancy AgreementSo you found out about us and what we can offer you in terms of comfortable and affordable student housing. Whether you discovered us on a student forum or search engine, or maybe from a social network like Twitter or Facebook – you’re main aim is to get a good room at a good price so that you’re sorted for the coming year’s accommodation.

Most people will have landed on the home page where you’ll see all the available properties in table form. These are organised in a way for you to see just where each house is situated and other important details to help you make a decision. These include facilities available in the house, proximity to a campus, which campus/area the house is best located to access, rent per person per week, and the number of rooms in total along with those left to rent.

You’ll see our phone number everywhere on that table and in the menu or in he sidebar you’ve got the opportunity to use our contact form.

Either way, you can make your initial contact with us – we’re a friendly lot used to helping students find their accommodation.

After our initial contact, you’ll get to view a house or houses you might be interested in and if you settle on one that’s right for you it’s then time to book a house with us.

This will allow you to reserve your place. To do this you will have to give us a fee of £30. This fee is non-refundable, but it does allow us to hold the room or house for five working days and that £30 is part of the letting fee as opposed to being yet another fee on top.

Those five days should be enough time for you to ready yourself to commit to your tenancy by signing the tenancy agreement.

You must do this within those 5 days though – we’ll need the signed, completed paperwork within that time otherwise the house will need to be put back on the market for any other interested parties.

Don’t worry – it’s all pretty straightforward and we will help you along the path to your ideal student room.

Also, don’t forget to handle the searching, viewing and booking in a group, so that you are always able to make the best decisions and help each other through the process too – several heads are better than one, after all.

Take on board as much information from our site and from the home page as you need – the more you know the better.

We’ll talk about those important guarantors next, you can find that info by clicking here.