How Do We Collect The Keys For The House?

EHG House KeysSo after all the house search, viewings, bookings, financial details and the inevitable paperwork that comes with it all, it’s time to collect the keys. Obviously you need these important items, but we like to make a bit more of an effort rather than give you the keys and leave you to work things out for yourself.

Entirely to your advantage, we see a chance to get you up to speed with what you find on the other side of the door after using those keys.

So we like to ask that you give us 48 hours of notice before you intend to move in. We can then meet you at the house with those valuable keys and take the time to show you how to operate items such as the heating boiler, and the white goods such as the microwave, oven, washing machine and so on.

We will give you a proper guided tour of the house so that you’ll know how to do everything. You’ll be able to share the duties and responsibilities with your other student house mates, so although we allow one person to collect their keys and get the low-down on the workings of everything you can imagine, we encourage you to take the tour as a group so that there’s more chance of at least one person remembering how to operate something when others may not.

As we stated above – we allow one person to come and collect their keys and they may also keep the keys for when their house mates arrive at the property to move in for the first time.

There may of course be good reason why none of your group can collect the keys and get a heads up on the house’s facilities. We definitely want to give everyone the chance to learn everything they need, so we will book another time for that particular session early on in your stay at one of our houses.

As an alternative way of collecting the keys in this case, you can pick them up from our main office in Canterbury.

You will find the office at 73 St. Dunstans Street, Canterbury, CT2 8BN. Whether you use a sat nav, Google street view or something else to find us, you’ll see that we are not that far from the Canterbury West train station.

You will more than likely have met some of us at the office already, but you’ll find all to be a pretty friendly lot and as we’ve said before, we will make sure to look after you and make sure your transition to tenant goes as smoothly as possible.

We’ll be looking at the equally important subject of rent, in the post through this link.

As ever, please don’t hesitate to call us on the office phone 01227 656210, if you have an queries or would like to view a house you might be interested in.