A Helpful Guide To The All Important Topic Of Rent

Rent CashAt English Homes Group we like to provide a great service with great student accommodation at an affordable rate – that’s one reason you decided to rent with us.

Since you left halls of residence after your first year, you embarked on your second year of uni, but your first year of actually renting a fully self-contained property in the heart of the city of Canterbury – with real neighbours and everything ;)

We are fully aware of the differences this will make to your responsibilities and we help you to settle into your new role as soon as possible. We like to make sure you get value for money, but we always get perfectly good questions as to how you pay us that money, good questions like:

How Should We Pay Our Rent?

We like to keep this as simple as possible, as with all of our processes. This means that we use a direct debit system so that you can set it and, not forget it, but know that your rent is being paid on time every month or every quarter. All that you will have to do is make sure that there is enough in your account for the payments.

Another great question we get is about when this whole rental payment process actually starts. This is obviously important since you ideally need to make sure everything synchronises with your stay with us. So:

When is the first rent payment due?

Your first rent payment will be set up for the start of your tenancy, which in most cases is July 1st.

There are of course exceptions to that if a student’s situation is a little different, but July 1st is normally a good date to note.

So when do you pay the rent? In other words, is it paid in advance or otherwise?

The answer is in advance and you can choose to pay monthly or quarterly when setting up your direct debit instruction for the summer period. After that, it is paid in advance per term.

The question of bills is a big one, of course. To be more specific we are talking about utility bills such as electricity, gas, water and sewerage. The rental rates that you see here in the available properties table do NOT include the payment of these utility bills, so you will need to factor this into your calculations.

To save you more time, however, we will set up all of the utilities accounts for you and put them in the names of those students renting the house – so you won’t have to worry about looking up utility providers and finding the best deal etc.

Hopefully, that’s provided some helpful info on the topic of rent and what you need to know. As ever, though; if you need to find out more you can call us on 01227 656210 and we’ll give you all the information you need.

Next up, we’ll be looking at the other fees that you need to know about, we like to be totally transparent and give you all the essential info you need.