Information About Other Fees Associated With Your Tenancy

Fee Payment By CardThere are other fees that are necessary for you to pay at the start of your tenancy but normally these are ‘one-offs’ and don’t re-occur throughout your stay.

We like to be transparent about everything and while you may always contact us to find out about any issue concerning your tenancy with us, we would like to address questions on this page that are commonly asked of us, so you can use it as a helpful, time-saving resource.

So one of those commonly asked questions is:

Is A Deposit Payable For the House?

For most of the student houses you will find available through us, there is no deposit required to pay. We will obviously let you know about this in more detail for the particular house you’re renting, nearer the time.

There are some occasions when a deposit is payable for a house, however by law we are required to put this deposit into one of the (currently three supported places) for a government backed scheme. This is called a Tenancy Deposit Scheme or TDP and so long as you don’t damage the student property, pay all your rent and bills and make sure to meet the terms of your tenancy agreement, then you will get your deposit back, you cand find out more about the Tenancy Deposit Scheme here.

Another regular question is:

Do I Need To Pay A Letting Fee?

There is a letting that you will need to pay to us at the start of your tenancy. This fee is non-refundable, but it does allow us to do many things on your behalf and throughout your tenancy with us.

The letting fee is £250 and that enables us to do everything required to set up and manage your tenancy. This includes:

  • Production of contracts such as the guarantor and tenancy contracts
  • The process of checking your references
  • Setting up the direct debit instruction for the regular payment of your rent
  • Setting up your accounts with utility companies for sewerage and water, electricity supply and gas
  • Your Student council tax exemption – we must liaise with the local council to obtain it
  • We need to produce a report for your house, known as a Condition & Inventory Report
  • The meetings you have with us at your accommodation, such as the initial check-in and house tour with explanations of equipment use
  • It also covers your Endsleigh Insurance contents policy and garden maintenance throughout your stay at the house

This is pretty much everything in the ‘other fees’ department that you will have to pay, but there are two more regularly asked questions that you may be interested in knowing the answers to:

Do We Have To Pay Council Tax While Living At The House?

So long as you are all students as a group renting the house, then you will be exempt from paying any council tax. There is a short process that you will have to go through which can be done online to make it easier. This is just about proving that you are students and each individual person will need to fill in this Student Enrolment Certificate which you can obtain by asking your course tutor for details.

What Happens If I Want To Leave The House Before The Tenancy Agreement Ends?

You are obliged to pay your rent for a full year according to your tenancy agreement. The agreement is fixed for that one year, but you can get a release from your contract if you can find an acceptable replacement student tenant that your house mates agree on. For this change you will be charged £100 payable to us.

Hopefully the above answers your most nagging questions. If there are more frequently asked questions to be added over time then we add them to this page and the FAQs page for your convenience and don’t forget you can call us on 01227 656210 if you have any queries.