We Can Help You Find A Canterbury Student House And Here’s How

Student Houses In CanterburyHarry’s able to put a line through his first year of uni and Lucy’s done the same – both goals hit. But now that’s done, it’s the second year approaching and no more halls – it’s time to find a proper student place.

If Harry and Lucy didn’t already know it, they might be interested to learn that there are around 40000 students making up a good chunk of the population of Canterbury, so that means finding a decent house is about getting in there early.

Staying in a comfortable student house makes staying in Canterbury, (already a great place for students), all the more enjoyable. And if you’re sharing the house with friends, that makes it better for studying and of course your well-deserved leisure time.

Whether you are going to CCCU or UKC, the team here will do everything they can to make sure that you end up with the most ideal accommodation for you and any friends.

We don’t like to stop at finding the ideal property for you and friends though;

…we wanted to use that experience to create a process that would help students…with the whole process

Back in the day, we too, had to hunt down student properties with all the time-consuming problems and issues that came with it; all of the details to do with the house, what to look out for and the budgeting that needs to be done. It can all get overwhelming quite quickly.

As a result, from the start of our business as landlords years ago, we wanted to use that experience to create a process that would help students to not only find that elusive house, but to help them with the whole process from that feeling of “well I need to sort out next year’s accommodation” and all the way through all of the necessary legal stuff that needs to be done, to you being able to sit down in a cosy chair and chat with your fellow house mates about your day.

We’ve taken many people over the years through everything they and you have to do to get that student house and all that comes with it.

Lessening the burden for you is something that will allow you to concentrate on more important things like your studies.

The first thing you have to do is get an idea of what is available to you, and you can do that by simply clicking here and typing the number of rooms you need.

You’ll be presented with a refined table of properties with a picture, details and rental cost per person per month.

…an insurance company has teamed up with us to allow us to offer all of our tenants free contents insurance

You should see a phone number, (01227 656210) under all the good info about each house; that’s our main phone number and we love to get calls, so you can be sure you’ll get a warm response.

You can also use our contact form on the left or here if you want.

We also like to encourage students to let one of our houses as a group, so if you are in a group of friends who are also looking for houses to rent in Canterbury, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Once you’ve made that initial contact, we can arrange the house viewing(s) and you can book a house with us for a small fee.

Here’s another bonus piece of information for you, since you read this far down the page :-) – an insurance company has teamed up with us to allow us to offer all of our tenants free contents insurance so that all of your possessions are covered and that’s one less big thing to think about.

If you decide to become a tenant of ours, please know that we are only a phone call away, so if you have any queries and /or issues about the house you know that we are never too far away; we’re also based in Canterbury, so we can physically be at your house in a short time, if necessary.

So there you go, another big headache removed for you when you need to search for student houses in Canterbury, don’t forget to call us on 01227 656210.