Finding And Checking Out Undergraduate Accommodation

5 Crucial Items To Check When Viewing A Property

Student Accommodation CanterburyViewing student rooms and whole houses in Canterbury, or any other place, can seem a complicated process. It can quickly become really time-intensive because of the many factors to take into account. Here are five big areas to check when viewing your potential student place in Canterbury (this is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are important when it comes to your own health and safety in a home that you might rent):

1. What is the security like?

Security is an important issue, no matter where you plan to live. You’ll have greater peace of mind if you know your possessions are safe, even when you’re out. Look at the quality of the external doors by checking that the locks are fitted solidly and are mortice type locks with up to 5 bars. Individual tenants’ rooms should also have locks fitted. Make sure all curtains are thick enough to prevent other people from seeing your belongings. Windows should also have locks on them.

Check with the landlord about a burglar alarm and ask to see its location and possibly hear it in action.

2. What about the gas system in the house?

Find out as much about any gas appliances in the house as you can. All landlords have to have a yearly gas safety inspection by a CORGI registered engineer. A copy of the Gas Safety Certificate should be handed out to each tenant, so to see the latest certificate the landlord has, just ask.

The appliances such as cookers and heaters should appear to be well maintained and fire up and start as expected . Don’t be concerned about asking the landlord too many questions – gas can potentially be a matter of life or death.

3. Are the electrical utilities and wiring well maintained?

Another important check is the electricity/ power supply. Make sure there are no apparent defects in the electrical wiring. Count the number of power sockets, there should be enough to avoid 4-way plug extension blocks or similar methods of multiplying numbers of sockets. White goods such as the cooker, fridge, washing machine and others should all work as intended. Ask the landlord where the electric meter and other meters are to be found.

There is always the chance that a fire may start in any property, so don’t forget to ask about smoke alarms and whether they are powered by battery or electricity.

4. Check the furniture quantity and quality

Many student houses will already have furniture, you need to find out whether there is enough furniture for everyone, or not. Current tenants may keep some of their own furniture and the rest belongs to the landlord. Check the condition of the existing furniture – you can easily determine the quality of furniture just by casting an eye over it and by trying it. It should also be fire retardant.

Wardrobes, cupboards and storage space for your things is an important factor, which can easily be overlooked.

5. Check the plumbing

Flush the toilet and turn taps on in basins and the shower room or bath and look for any leaks. You’ll need to find out about the hot water system – how the water is heated and how you pay for it. Briefly look over pipework which you can assess by sight as to whether it needs attention or not.

A lot of time can be saved if you follow the list above when viewing student houses. It’s possible that you’ll be viewing a few before finding one that ticks all the boxes. Having a good idea of the areas to look at will increase your odds of finding that student place.

4 Tips To Help You Find The Right Place

It can be a demanding business locating rent-worthy, ideal accommodation in Canterbury . There are so many different factors to consider before you can tick this task off on your to-do list. Below are 4 tips, (in no particular order), to give you a better chance of finding the perfect house:

1. Does your potential landlord encourage groups of friends as tenants?

Sharing a house with people you barely know can be daunting. Most landlords know this and will encourage a group of friends to rent a house, to help you.

Of course, it depends on the number of people in the group as to the number of bedrooms the house will have. Most houses will be 3 or 4 bedroom but 5, 6, 7 or more are often available, so ask your potential landlord about this or check on their website and find accommodation with friends if you can.

2. Is the accommodation close enough to walk to the college campus?

You may need to walk to the college if you don’t have a car, so nearer is obviously better. Landlords normally split their houses into two main areas in Canterbury to make it easier for you; the two areas are the University of Kent, (UKC) and Christ Church College/ University of the Creative Arts, (CC/UCA) and should be outlined in brochures or landlords’ websites. Most landlords’ websites should allow you to see a map showing the distance and/or state how long it would take by foot. If they don’t show that kind of information, call or email them.

3. Is the facility to use wireless broadband available?

Broadband internet is vital now with the amount of study you will need to do on your computer.

Wireless broadband is very desirable in student houses because of its convenience. Various landlords in the Canterbury area may offer varying terms of use for this facility, so make sure there will be no unpleasant surprises, financial or otherwise, by checking the terms carefully.

4. Make sure the tenancy contract is easy to understand.

Enjoy a stress-free time in your tenancy by knowing exactly what’s written in your tenancy contract. If you have any questions, it’s worthwhile getting answers and working through them with your future landlord before signing on the dotted line. So that you have no doubts about the contract, be sure to read through it more than once to check that everything is clear to you and other tenants.

These are 4 important factors when looking for student accommodation in Canterbury. There will be other factors, some that will be from a more personal viewpoint. These will help you in making the right choices, and in the longer term will save you time and money.